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Online Foundational Painting With Vanessa Lemen

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Category: Live Online Instructed Course
Start Date: September 22nd
Time: Mondays, 2pm-5pm (PST)
Duration: 8 Weeks
This course is an introduction to painting in oil. Course work will include a materials and tools overview, application and mark-making, observing value and color, color mixing, composition, and will practice different techniques through studies in still life and portrait, from reference provided by the instructor. All exercises are designed to be applied to other subjects such as landscape and environment, and abstract as well. We will also discuss composing and lighting your own set-ups to do studies from life, and there will be documents available to accompany and support the lectures and demonstrations.

Supply List:

•Canvas or Canvas Board
•Board (optional)
•Masonite (untempered) – acrylic gesso. Cut 50% water 50% gesso. Sand board with sand paper between coats for smooth finish. Unsanded gives rough texture. Uncut (no water) makes for rougher texture as well.

•Various sizes and shapes of Bristle Brushes (ie. Filberts, Flats, Rounds)
•Various sizes and shapes of Sable Brushes (ie. Filberts, Flats, Rounds)

If you don’t own any brushes and need to get new brushes, have at least a couple Bristles and a couple Sables – Flats or Filberts in both, about a quarter-inch to half-inch in width – and then go from there to add to your collection.

•Container for solvent (metal or glass jar with lid, and grate inside)

•Linseed Oil
•Artists Painting Medium
•Walnut Oil
•Container for medium (recycle a jar with lid, or a small tupperware container with lid)

•Palette Paper
• Reynolds Freezer Paper (for a white palette option)
•Plastic Box with airtight lid – you can you put your palette paper in it and preserve your paint. Also, you can get a piece of glass cut to fit inside the box, and put construction paper underneath it to change the color/value of your palette.
•Wooden palette

• Paper towels, rags
•Palette knife

***I will also show some other options for materials such as shaper tools, cotton swabs, kneaded eraser, spatulas and other types of brushes that are helpful and make for nice effects…but they are not necessary.***

•Titanium White
•Ivory Black
•Cadmium Yellow Pale or Lemon Yellow
•Cadmium Red Light
•Alizarin Crimson
•Ultramarine Blue

Monday, September 22, 2014 - 2:00pm to Monday, November 10, 2014 - 5:00pm
Submission Deadline 
Monday, September 8, 2014 - 2:00pm
United States