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Online Color Theory 1 With Ron Lemen

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Category: Live Online Instructed Course
Start Date: September 22nd
Time: Mondays, 10am-1pm (PST)
Duration: 8 Weeks
This course is a unique approach to color and is also an introduction to color theory along with the tools to train your eyes to recognize color in everything around you. Course work will include developing a hue/temperature/value/chroma wheel, studying the chroma keys and how to manipulate the colors for each chromatic key, identifying color through temperature, and mixing colors accurately. We will be solving color problems utilizing various subject matter. We will discuss composing and lighting your own set-ups to do studies from life, and there will be documents available to accompany and support the lectures and demonstrations.

Supply List:
Colors to use – Can be other medium but preferably oil paint as oils do not change value when dry vs. wet. Preferably Da Vinci colors as they are the most vibrant brand across the boards regarding all the following hues:
•Titanium white
•Cadmium Yellow PALE
•Cadmium Yellow Orange, only found with Da Vinci Colors
•Cadmium Red Light
•Alizarin Crimson
•Red Rose Deep
•Ultramarine Blue
•Cerulean Blue
•Viridian Green
•Ivory Black


Any kind of canvas or canvas panel will work best for this class, unless you are working with water media like gouache or watercolor.

Canvas Sizes

1 – 16” x 20” panels for each weeks studies. Each week we will be doing 3 studies from the same subject matter, making them too big means making 3 separate pictures, making them too small means not enough room to solve the problems we are tackling
•1 – 11” x 14” canvas for the color wheel

• Bristle brushes if working in oil/acrylics, sables with water media
• Sizes – for color studies and color wheel ½” filberts are best to use the link and here is the specific brush code 06647-1005
• 1 drawing brush – round either in sable or bristle between 6 – 8 in most brands.
•As an example of the brush size, here is the link to a Robert Simmons bristle round the link and here is the specific brush code 06645-1006.
•1 palette knife like the RGM #5 click on the hyper link and look up the shape of #5
• Solvent – Gamsol
• Paper towels, rags

Monday, September 22, 2014 - 10:00am to Monday, November 10, 2014 - 1:00pm
Submission Deadline 
Monday, September 8, 2014 - 10:00am
United States