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Jules Engel Centennial Celebration

Some of today's most inventive practitioners in the art of animation come together to honor the far-reaching legacy of Jules Engel (1909–2003) -- animation pioneer, fine artist, and one of the most beloved educators in CalArts history.

The Jules Engel Centennial Celebration begins with a roundtable discussion entitled "The Influence of Jules Engel on Contemporary Animation."

The distinguished panelists are all former students of Engel at CalArts:

Jorge Gutierrez, creator of EL TIGRE Steve Hillenburg, creator of SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS Mark Kirkland, director on THE SIMPSONS Mark Osborne, director of KUNG FU PANDA Joanna Priestley, independent animator Henry Selick, director of CORALINE, THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS

The roundtable is followed by a cocktail reception and an exhibition of fine art by Jules Engel, now available for purchase.

Engel's illustrious career ranged from working on the Walt Disney classics FANTASIA and BAMBI to creating groundbreaking cartoons (GERALD MCBOING-BOING, MADELINE and MR. MAGOO) for United Productions of America (UPA) and Format Films; from his own internationally celebrated abstract animation, live-action work and fine art to mentoring successive generations of students who have gone on to define the cutting edge of animation.

Engel founded the world-renowned Program in Experimental Animation in 1970 and was the spiritual center of the CalArts animation community for more than three decades. The most generous of teachers, he always cherished above all else the personal vision of each individual artist and took great pleasure in how each student developed and refined his or hers. So much so that he gave his parting gift to the next generation of animators -- by establishing The Jules Engel Endowed Scholarship Fund at CalArts. Jules understood the critical importance of scholarships and their essential role in giving talented young students the time and resources they need to grow as artists.

As we pay tribute to Engel on his Centennial for his indelible artistry, we also honor his unsurpassed dedication to his students. Proceeds from the sale of tickets and artworks will support The Jules Engel Endowed Scholarship Fund and help broaden the legacy Jules left for the artists who will shape the direction of animation tomorrow and in the years to come.

For additional information, contact Courtney McIntyre at 661 222-2743 or at

5 p.m. -- "The Influence of Jules Engel on Contemporary Animation" 7 p.m. -- Cocktail Reception and Exhibition of Fine Art by Jules Engel

Tickets: Program and cocktail reception: $100 Cocktail reception and art show only: $50 To purchase tickets or make a donation to support The Jules Engel Endowed Scholarship Fund, go

Saturday, April 18, 2009 - 11:00am to 7:00pm
Submission Deadline 
Saturday, April 18, 2009 - 12:00pm
Los Angeles