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Frankfurt Book Fair 2011

Frankfurt Book Fair 2011: Rethink. Renew.

Are you inquisitive? Are you eager to hear about new ideas? New content? New perspectives? Are your curious to learn about trends and technologies that can help you enter new markets? Do you want to meet business partners from over 100 countries around the world, interested in discovering your products?

Be one of the over 280,000 inquisitive book and media professionals who come to Frankfurt in October to draft, write and rewrite the next chapter of the publishing industry. The interest in all new things is the energy that drives us all to gather here every year - to rethink. And to renew contacts, plans, and perspectives.

Keep asking questions! We look forward to seeing you in October!

The Frankfurt Book Fair is a meeting place for the industry’s experts. Be they publishers, booksellers, agents, film producers or authors - each year in October, they all come together and create something new.

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the most important marketplace for books, media, rights and licences worldwide. More than 7,300 exhibitors from 100 countries, 299,000 visitors and over 10,000 journalists

Grow your business, expand your network, build bridges into the future and make new discoveries: digital content, the vibrant publishing landscape of the Guest of Honour and interesting information about the most important markets worldwide. One thing is certain: at the Frankfurt Book Fair you will have more access to current trends than anywhere else.

Tradition and future: the history of the Frankfurt Book Fair

The history of the Frankfurt Book Fair dates back to the 15th century, when Johannes Gutenberg first invented movable type - only a few kilometres down the road from Frankfurt.

Frankfurt remained the central and undisputed European book fair city through to the 17th century. In the course of political and cultural upheaval, in the 18th century Leipzig then came to play the part.

In 1949, that early Frankfurt book fair tradition was given a new lease of life: 205 German exhibitors assembled on Sept. 18-23 in Frankfurt's Paulskirche for the first post-War book fair.

Almost 60 trade-fair years later, the Frankfurt Book Fair is the largest of its kind in the world - and the hallmark for global activities in the field of culture.

With year-round services and information offerings for the international trade, the Frankfurt Book Fair has thus emerged as the world-wide market place for ideas - 365 days a year.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011 - 12:55am to Sunday, October 16, 2011 - 12:55am