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Electronic Computer Trade Show 2003

The Electronic Computer Trade Show (ECTS) will showcase the latest in computer and video games hardware and software scheduled to hit retail outlets this Christmas. The trade show is the main attraction of a weeklong festival celebrating the world of computer games: London Games Week. In its 14th year, ECTS is the only place in Europe where you can preview all the Christmas hits and gaming technology set to launch in 2004. More than 100 companies are scheduled to show games across every format - PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, PC, Eye Toy and the forthcoming N-Gage from Nokia. Attending companies include Acclaim, Activision, Atari, ATI, BigBen, CAPCOM, Codemasters, Eidos, Electronic Arts, Intel, Konami, Microsoft Xbox, Midway, NVIDIA, Nokia, Sammy, Sega, Sony, THQ, Ubi Soft and Vivendi. The ECTS Awards will be presented on Thursday, August 28, 2003. For more information visit

Monday, August 25, 2003 - 11:00am to Sunday, August 31, 2003 - 7:00pm
Submission Deadline 
Monday, August 25, 2003 - 12:00pm