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"Drawings that Move -- The Art of Joanna Quinn"

British animator Joanna Quinn is obsessed with drawing. In an age where animation is dominated by slick computer-generated imagery, her films stand out because they are so evidently handdrawn: pencil and sparse colour on white paper, the constantly shifting lines expressing the huge vitality of her characters, whether it is the old crone and the knight in The WIFE OF BATH, the Toulouse-Lautrec-inspired off-duty prostitutes in ELLES or her signature character, Beryl, in any of the three films that feature her. Joanna Quinn’s acute observation combined with her sharp comedic sense produces films that have entranced audiences and won major awards all round the world. This exhibition, created and organised by the National Media Museum, Bradford, presents a selection of her artwork and films from the last twenty-five years, examines the sources of her inspiration and follows the process that takes her from initial ideas to final, award-winning animated films. It will also look at the business of being an animator in today’s globalised arenas of animation and advertising. Working closely with Joanna Quinn, who will act as design and artistic consultant, "Drawings that Move -- The Art of Joanna Quinn" is curated by Michael Harvey. His previous exhibitions include the internationally-touring Bond, "James Bond" (2002), "Myths and Visions: The Art of Ray Harryhausen" (2006) and "Live by the Lens. Die by the Lens: Film Stars and Photographers" (2008). Content The exhibition will largely consist of framed artwork (approximately 75 frames) with cased objects (awards, books, notebooks), video (x2 monitor-based, x1 projected OR monitorbased) and interpretive panels to introduce each section. Gallery Two "Drawings that Move -- The Art of Joanna Quinn" will be shown in Gallery Two at the National Media Museum. Objects will be presented across approximately 80 linear metres in a space measuring approximately 250 square metres. Gallery Visitor Figures & Audience Profile Gallery Two exhibitions normally attract in the region of 20,000 visitors. Audiences to Gallery Two are predominantly adults often visiting with other adults. However, audiences visiting the museum overall are 50% adults visiting with children and 50% adults visiting with other adults. Dates "Drawings that Move -- The Art of Joanna Quinn" will be shown at the National Media Museum from 16 October 2009 to the end of February 2010, after which it will be available for tour. The National Media Museum is part of the NMSI Museums Group (National Museum of Science and Industry) which also includes the Science Museum (based in London and at Wroughton in Wiltshire), the National Railway Museum (based in York and at Shildon in County Durham).

Friday, October 16, 2009 - 11:00am to Sunday, February 28, 2010 - 8:00pm
Submission Deadline 
Friday, October 16, 2009 - 12:00pm
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom