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DC Premier: Mega Man The Movie

Eddie Lebron Films and DC Anime Club Presents The Washington, DC Premier of

MegaMan The Movie

Eddie Lebron Films in Collaboration with DC Anime Club Presents the Washington, DC  Premier of MegaMan The Movie on May 15, 2010 3:30 pm at the Martin Luthur King, Jr Memorial Library in Room A5 on the A Level of the Library.

In the year 20XX, Dr. Thomas Light, an Nobel Prize winning professor in the field of Robotics, creates a series of 6 revolutionary robots entitled the “Robot  Master Series DRN” in an effort to use robotics as a mean to better mankind. As  a personal project, Dr. Light creates 2 helper androids named Roll (a female) and  Rock (a male) who are made to be as human as possible from appearance to  behavior. Meanwhile, after the creation of the series gains Light his Nobel Prize  in Physics and notoriety, his partner and colleague, Dr. Albert Wily, grows  enraged and jealous of Light’s success. Secretly, a man who wants control and  power, Dr. Wily decides to reprogram and steal the robot master series to do his  bidding so he can wreak havoc and gain control of Fujiwara city.  As Wily begins  to steal more of Light’s creations, it becomes clear to him he has the resources to  systemically gain more and more control in an effort to reach his ultimate goal:  total world domination. With a strong sense of duty and regard for humanity,  Rock volunteers to receive a battle upgrade in an effort to battle Wily’s forces,  thus donning the name "Megaman". The battle for humanity is now between  Megaman and all the bots at Wily’s disposal.  Based on the 1987 video game of the same name by Capcom.  This is a non-profit adaptation made by fans, for fans.

This event is free and open to the public. Ages 13 and up.

For more information please visit the or  or call (845) 325-1894 or (202) 262 2083.

About Eddie Lebron :

Eddie Lebron has been making films since the late 90's. He started with simple, short project as a means to experiment and learn more about the art of film making.  As he grew older, he took on more ambitious and complex projects until his first professional venture; a feature length fan film entitled "Ghostbusters: Generation".  Since then, Eddie has done another sci-fi feature and various short films; some of which have had festival runs and received best student film nominations.  In addition, he is currently a working Cinematographer in Manhattan who has been a part of many festival bound shorts and features.  He is currently getting ready to release "Megaman", a feature film 3 years in the making and is currently in production for his first follow up project: a sci-fi short that was originally to be a proof of concept for a "Metroid" web series.

About DC Anime Club:

DCAC was established in 2003 to introduce and educate people in the Washington,DC area about East Asian culture, through viewing and discussion of Japanese animation (also known as anime) and Japanese comics (manga). DCAC is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization, contributions to DC Anime Club are taxed deductible to the extent allowable under the law. The club also works to provide a positive, alternative activity to the youth in the area by exposing them to foreign culture, encouraging artistic expression and creativity, and providing opportunities for participation in community activities and leadership.

In addition to our bi-weekly meetings, the club holds an Annual Art Show, an Annual Costume fundraising event, and visits local schools to do presentations on anime. The club also works with the Smithsonian Freer Gallery and DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival on their anime screenings, and has helped locally promote performances for Japanese bands such as Puffy Ami Yumi and Pine am. DC Anime Club was founded by Chris Wanamaker (President), Jules Chang (Former Vice President) and Craig Vaughn (Vice President) on Saturday June 5, 2003. We have a strong membership that continues to grow -- most of which are teenagers.

Saturday, May 15, 2010 - 3:56pm