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China Xiamen Animation Film Festival 2010

China Xiamen Animation Film Festival 2010

In order to promote the animation industry, approved by the Xiamen City Government, hosted by the Xiamen Municipal Government, organized by Organizing committee of 2010 Xiamen International animation festival, the 2010 Xiamen International animation festival will be held in the city of Xiamen from November 4th-7th, 2010. The events are including the Competition of Cyber Sousa Animation Work, Xiamen Animation Forum, films screening, and some other family-supporting activities such as Animation works and technology exhibition, Cosplay performance and E-sports competition.

The competition of Cyber Sousa Animation Works in Xiamen International Animation Festival is the best authoritative and influential event in Chinese Animation Industry that supported by government, industry and academies. With the idea of New Thought, New Art, New Technology, New Industry sparked by the Competition, it encourages the creation of original works actively. In order to promote the development of Chinese original Animation Industry, we are strived to searching the excellent works or talents by appraising through comparison among the domestic and overseas Animation woks. With the slogan of sticking to Chinese national feature and establishing the international Brand, we are trying to create international famous awards in the Competition for Cyber Sousa Animation Work and to setup an exchange platform for International Animation in Xiamen, from which International excellent Animation Works tend to China while Chinese excellent Animation Works tend to the world.

While the Competition for Cyber Sousa Animation Work emphasizes the international Animation exchange, it insists on the specialization and international judging standard. Base itself upon domestic and scan widely on the global, it encourages the original works and searches the fresh power, which promotes the development of Chinese Animation Industry harmoniously.

The Competition will also promote the development of the fresh products as Animation Filmstrip, Experimental Animation, and Animation by the Mobile powerfully. On the one hand, Popular Animation is deep to the heart, on the other hand, the fresh blood and strength will come to Animation Industry which lacks of talents extremely.

As China cultural and creative industry trade exchanges and cooperation platform, we believe that this competition will be the activity of far-reaching significance in the history of China animation industry. We hope that the Xiamen International animation festival will be included in the major international competitions authorized by ASIFA, though training, with participation and concern from both domestic and international enterprises and fans in animation field.

Just a few days left to submit your film at       

Deadline entries: 15 September, 2010

How to apply:

The entry form for this competition is available at

Please send your films in video-DVD format to Xiamen before 15 September, 2010 to the below address:

Organization Committee of Xiamen International animation festival 608 Floor, Administrative Building, Xiamen Software Park,33 Guanri Road, Xiamen, 361008 ,China.

Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 3:13pm to Sunday, November 7, 2010 - 3:13pm