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Anima-Sao - International Animation Festival of Sao Goncalo / Brazil

Anima-Sao - International Animation Festival in São Gonçalo

 25 to 27 May 2012

 Elite College

Sao Goncalo - Brazil

Anima-Sao - International Animation Festival in São Gonçalo

is produced by Studio Alexandre Martins.

The event brings together, and great personalities of the National Film Animation, guests and local manufacturers to demonstrate their talents in productions original and / or awarded at other festivals worldwide.

Moreover, the general public has the opportunity to also show their talent, sometimes concealed in animation workshops with guidance and support of specialized monitors.

In order to promote a crowd lover of visual arts and cinema, free screenings are held at various locations in town for the general public, so that all social classes and ages can share the beauty of the animation cinema nationally and internationally.

Anima-Sao is ideal as the popularisation of culture, enabling all, without exception, access to the fascinating and magical world of Cinema Animation.

Anima-Sao - International Animation Festival in Sao Goncalo /Brazil - is an invitation to those who appreciate culture and cinema. Participating in this festival, already established in Sao Goncalo, surrounded by the charm of an event of this size is certainly a guarantee of good times to remember.With all these attractions, the Festival is also a unique opportunity for a business enterprise.


    * Keep the display space of the production of national and international entertainment in the city of São Gonçalo (RJ);    * Honor dedicated animators;    * Propagate cinematography little known;    * Foster discussions about the production and realization of the Brazilian Cinema Animation;    * Promote seminars, courses, workshops, "workshops", etc..;    * Promote meetings between filmmakers and researchers;    * Let the public know the Brazilian animation production nationally and internationally in places accessible and free, with standard display of international festivals;    * Facilitate the exchange between producers, distributors and exhibitors;    * Approaching the creators and artists of his audience.


    * Competitive Exhibition of recent films and videos selected by special committee formed by representatives of the cultural sector in Brazil;    * Awards show with unique competitive award "Yellow Lollipop";    * Shows graphic arts production of animated drawings, national purpose of bringing the public the process of creation and development of an animation;    * Shows animations selected by specially commissioned for display in open area and popular themes;    * Talks with professionals in the field of Animation Cinema and the like - animators, producers, voice actors, writers, etc..    * "Coliseum" - Session meeting of animators - professionals, amateurs, students and the like - in a relaxed meeting.    * Shows parallel places in the municipality of Sao Goncalo little access to culture and / or low HDI.

Official program

Sessions: "Scholar" "Ecology", "bubget", "Papagoiaba", "children" and "adult"Coliseum (with special guest)Discussion Tables (with three guests and a mediator)Workshops techniques (2D animation, pixilation and storyboard)

 Parallel Programming

    * Session Bags (Display of 50 'in public places in the city)    * Exhibition of original art of films and other

Friday, May 25, 2012 - 9:00am to Sunday, May 27, 2012 - 6:00pm
sao goncalo -