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2015 Taipei International Design Award

2015 Taipei International Design Award



  In order to convey to the world the quality image of “Taipei Design”, Taipei City Government organized the “Taipei International Design Award”. Creative designers, teachers and students of design schools, and people with design passion from around the globe are invited to submit design works, to be publicly selected among international design works, as well as serve as creative design exchange platform to discover creative works with commercial potential. We would like to encourage using universal design to improve the city's economic, social, environmental, and cultural development by providing its users with a safer, harmonious, and more convenient lifestyle.




1.Directed by: Taipei City Government

2.Organized by: Department of Economic Development, Taipei City Government

3.Executed by: China Productivity Center

4.Endorsed (Recognized) by:

International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (icsid), International Council of Design (ico-D),

International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers (IFI)


Chinese Industrial Designers Association, Taiwan Poster Design Association, Graphic Design Association of the Republic of China, Taiwan Graphic Design Association, Chinese Society of Interior Designers, Kaohsiung Creators Association.

6.Sponser:Johnson Health Tech. Co.,Ltd




1.Everyone around the world are welcomed to participate individually or as a group (each group is limited to five members) with one member as main correspondent.

2.Entries must be original creations of the contestants completed after June 30, 2013.




Entries are grouped into three main categories: Industrial Design, Visual Communication Design and Public Space Design.

1.Industrial Design

  Industrial design refers to design works that can be mass-produced, including general and digital application, transportation tools, equipment and instruments, daily utilities and household goods, IT and home appliances, etc.

※ Requirements for Sponsors Award issued by Johnson Health Tech are as follows:

LOHAS~Fitness equipment in Industrial Design category

Fitness equipment include: treadmills, elliptical machines, indoor fitness car, weight training equipment, massage chairs, small fitness products, or accessories to fitness equipment.

2.Visual Communication Design

  Visual communication includes designs of digital graphic creations, identity, posters, packaging and printing (including digital printing) etc.

3.Public Space Design

  Open space provided for public use, government buildings and certain private establishments.


V.Call for applications:May 5th - August 5th


VI.Registration Fee:No registration fee required.


VII.Registration:Participants should proceed to the official website:


VIII.Prizes:More than NT$3 million


IX.In case of review of relevant documents by Taipei City Council or councilors, such documents may be provided with personal information and trade secrets hidden and are not restricted by the confidentiality clause. When obtaining applications and works relating to entrants owning to the implementation of the competition, directing, organizing, and executing unit may collect, process or use personal information and trade secrets relating to entrants and their works within the scope of the implementation of the competition.


X.Contact Information

“2015 Taipei International Design Award Team”

China Productivity Center

Contact person: Hanna Hsiao

Tel:+886-2-26982989 ext. 2401,


Address: 2F, No.79, Sec.1, Xintai 5th., Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City 221, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Friday, June 12, 2015 - 3:15pm to Wednesday, August 5, 2015 - 3:15pm
Submission Deadline 
Friday, June 12, 2015 - 3:15pm