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It is now possible for skilled developers and creators to raise their game and get money for their projects thanks to web3 technologies such as NFT and GameFi. Here, I'd want to mention a specific example. As the first-ever animated NFT series, Take My Muffin has a the content quality that is on par with the finest examples of adult animation, such as Rick and Morty and others.

In a nutshell, the narrative focuses on unicorn Korney, who survived a car accident and is now being hunted by scientists and criminals alike due to the psychedelic effects of his boogers. A three-eyed cat saves Korney from gangsters just before he is going to be abducted and delivers him to his startup lab. When Rok, the cat, introduces Korney to the team, they realize that he's not only a drug production factory, but also a business idea generator.

Additionally, the series' general partner in 1inch Network DEX and Take My Muffin token holders get to see each new episode significantly earlier than the rest of us. Binance and Rarible also offer their NFTs. Many others would want to purchase the pictures when it becomes popular, therefore there may be a profit. Aside from the crypto aspects, the show is free to watch and well worth your time.

cool! I believe the chase

cool! I believe the chase scene in ep 1 has a famous reference 

I also thought so!!! but I'm

I also thought so!!! but I'm not sure what they refer to

as to me looks a lot like

as to me looks a lot like that Statham movies

you mean the transporter?

you mean the transporter?

okay, okay... let's check

okay, okay... let's check this thing out 

It's all a bit crazy, or it

It's all a bit crazy, or it was, but gradually more and more projects like this will emerge until the bubble bursts and it all comes to an end.