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Freelance or Studio Work?

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Freelance or Studio Work?

So... I'm in the midst of feeling guilty that I haven't gotten a studio job, but loving that I'm working freelance. But after a year of graduating from my school, most of my classmates have gotten studio jobs and have done far better than I have. And not to mention, my parents view me as a failure for not getting a studio job... sooooo, what are people's thoughts and opinions on studio job opportunities and freelance work? I figured I should make a forum directed to people who have experience in both or either/or working fields. I hear freelancers get a bigger bad rap than studio workers.

And just a little Backstory: I'm a year out of graduating from school, 23, and do not have studio job experience nor an internship under my belt (which I think would be nice to experience at least once). If I were to send my resume to studios (which I have plenty), I'm sure many will see me as green as green bananas. 

Are you getting paying

Are you getting paying freelance gigs?  Are you getting paid, making money to support yourself?  

If so, then there's NO difference between a studio job.
Heck, professional freelancing shows that someone is smarter and more savvy than most because they have to handle all aspects of their business.  Not only getting the craft done for deadlines, but also handling things like accounts receivable etc.  How could that be viewed as failure???

I've been doing freelance for many years on studio projects, and have also worked in-studio numerous times.

"We all grow older, we do not have to grow up"--Archie Goodwin ( 1937-1998)

Hi Julia, 

Hi Julia, 

Don't give up; sometimes it takes a lot of work to get your first Studio work, six months or a year.

Don't head site to ask your friends inside the industry to recommend you, even for a Runner or Internship position, and don't stop knocking the doors, 

We all been where you are, some of the animator have better luck, or better timing when they send their demo reel, so keep sending and animating at home to get better pieces, and remember to show your work to get feedback.

 Meanwhile, you can also freelance; there are a couple of marketplaces where you can sell your animations.

 Check they accept 3d animation assets for games engine like Unity, Maya, or Max, Motion Builder, Daz, poser, 

Look at this

3d animation shop :

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Hey! There is no need to feel

Hey! There is no need to feel guilty. I think that your success doesn't depend on a studio job or freelance. I'm sure you'll have a chance to work in both ways.

I've been working freelance because it's better for me. Maybe, after graduation I'll try to find a job in studio

I continue to provide

I continue to provide freelancing employment today. I'll explain why working in a studio is advantageous because, first, the job done for the company and for the order company is paid for with a percentage, and second, the working day is set. The only thing that ties you down are deadlines, but even those aren't a big deal if you divide the labor. There are numerous freelance sites where you can clean for one order and earn $100 to $200 per order without contributing a portion of the firm for which you work.

I think it's better to start

I think it's better to start with the studio. You need a great portfolio for freelance and for the first time you'll make a little money on it. Less than in the studio.

as for me freelance work

as for me freelance work offers greater flexibility in terms of subject matter and schedule

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