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Animators needed for a sci-fi animation film

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Animators needed for a sci-fi animation film

Hi guys, I'm Cecil Leroy.
I am working on two sci-fi animation film projects.
The animation project came to a stop after we completed some few assets, characters and environment models due to bankruptcy which went away with my artists.

I then approached investors with the scripts, concept arts and models. They were very passionate about the project but requested for a trailer.
And that's the purpose of this post. I want passionate and willing animators to come help me with the trailer.
They will be paid immediately the project gets funded. This is a very suitable project for an upcoming animator who might like something interesting to add to their portfolio.

Let's get in touch sends e-mail)(link sends e-mail)
WhatsApp: +233257220519
Instagram: _cecil_leroy

Come and let me show you the completed assets and scripts.
Have a nice day


This is the right decision.

This is the right decision. But he needs more subscribers.