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Take My Muffin

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Take My Muffin

Not every day can bring a new, high-quality animated series. But today is the day: brand new Take My Muffin series produced by ToonBox studio is something I'd like to introduce here. 


Rok, a three-eyed cat that functions as the head of the NPO startup lab. Draka's time is being taken up with company's matters of money and law. She's constantly enraged and aggressive. Mojo is a potato and also a guard. Because of his cool head compared to Draka's aggression he is usually the one to bring her back to her senses. I think Dr. Noper is some kind of goblin. He's a constant problem solver with a never-ending supply of solutions.

The unicorn Korney has never been to this environment before. For all he knows, he's only there to make psychotropic boogies. But I t turns out he's also an expert at coming up with new startup ideas while on the go.

Right now, I'm looking forward to enjoying the next episode and am contemplating purchasing an NFT or staking their 1inch token. Gotta mention that Take My Muffin is the very first NFT series ever. The fact that these folks were the first to adopt NFT into their products makes me confident that many more developers and companies will follow.


I've been waiting for it for

I've been waiting for it for like 6 moтths!

did producers live it up to

did producers live it up to your expectations?

they 100% did!!!

they 100% did!!!

it's amazing!

it's amazing!

how is it only me who ain't

how is it only me who ain't seen it yet 

Oh wow wonderful Post! Thanks

Oh wow wonderful Post! Thanks for sharing with us, I am very Impress This Blog and Nice one mate. Great job as usual you are up to the mark bubble shooter.