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Financial market issues

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Financial market issues

Hi, everyone! I’m thrilled to let you know about Take My Muffin – a brand new animated show. It speaks about mythological animals living side by side with robots and different mutants. The main character of the tale is unicorn Korney. He once learned he can develop unique business ideas and that's why he found himself in a start-up laboratory under one roof with Rok – a three-eyed cat. The cat has his selfish aim to make use of Korney to produce psychedelic boogies. Crazy how investors are quite pumped about those…

The most remarkable element about this animation series is that it’s totally sponsored by the crypto community! And it’s giving back of course: its NFTs can be found on Binance and Rarible and the TMM token is being sold at 1inch platform.

My own view regarding the series: absolutely a must-see. I feel pretty much as I did when I became acquainted with Rick & Morty initially. This series has the potential to become as infamous as R&M.

bro kids will learn investing

bro kids will learn investing before their parents do

with content like this -

with content like this - 10000%


I even believe that the world

I even believe that the world is developping in a manner where it will be impossible not to invest 

they still gotta take the

they still gotta take the money from their parents lol

well, marketing people

well, marketing people realised kids make their parents spend more money long ago, so the only thing was to manipulate the kids which is not so hard

I think this was a good idea

I think this was a good idea to make any cartoon series with the help of the crypto community, especially inspired by NFT and other crypto-related mechanisms. Also, the creators should think about making online streams of this product and announce that the NFTs will award some random viewers from this cartoon multiverse. I'm sure it will simultaneously bring more viewers and attention to this product and the crypto community. I heard many rumors that investing in crypto is not a good idea today. Still, I think investing in crypto is safer anyway when investing in any estate planning products.