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Implement NFTs today or go astray tomorrow

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Implement NFTs today or go astray tomorrow

There is no doubt about the fact that NFT initiatives are typically of little value and useless. This one sticks apart from the rest of the NFTs, even the ones that have been marketed the most. It's an animated series, which makes it even more remarkable! If you have NFTs or Take My Muffin tokens, which you may buy on 1inch DEX, you can even influence certain choices made by the ToonBox studio. I won’t even tell that you’re getting access to the most recent episodes of TMM way before the rest of the public. You can watch the first episode on YouTube, but it's possible that we'll need a membership on Premier streaming to see the rest. Regardless of the crypto features and community rewards, the nicest thing about Take My Muffin is the content!

Korney is a unicorn that gets struck by a car on the highway. After waking up in a hospital he realizes that the accident caused him to lose memory. The unicorn has no idea who he is, what he used to be, or how he got himself in this condition. Meanwhile goblin-criminals burst into the hospital as Rok, a male nurse, attempts to remove a smear from Korney's nose. Screams indicate that the bandits want to find the unicorn. Korney is rescued by the nurse, who drives him home in the middle of the night. What Rok really is, though, the founder of a NPO start-up lab. It will be revealed to Korney in the future that Rok spared him just so that he could make psychoactive drugs from his boogies, but for now...

I strongly encourage everyone to see at least the first episode of the series, which is available on YouTube, to test if you can stop!

if you don't have the content

if you don't have the content of a good quality no one would give a shit bout ur NFTs 

spitting facts

spitting facts

agree, but ToonBox studio

agree, but ToonBox studio managed to have both 

in 10 years every single

in 10 years every single internet user will own some digital assets. if you don't keep up with current trends the competitors will just ouplay you no matter how cool your content is


but only if you're not the

but only if you're not the only one studio in the world that can produce cool animation