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Best thing I've seen lately

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Best thing I've seen lately

When I am bored with my regular routine, viewing animation is the first thing that springs to mind as a fun pastime to do. And even though I'm already 24, I absolutely like shows like Rick and Morty or Mr. Freeman. I'm certain they are still adult-oriented cartoons like The Simpsons or Shrek etc.

I stumbled across an advertisement for a fresh new cartoon series called "Take My Muffin" a couple of days ago. The first episode, which appeared on YouTube on April 19, was the show's debut. That is really insane. To find out more, have a peek at the following teaser. Oh, I nearly forgot to say the most important thing. It has received huge support from the crypto industry (1inch DEX is a general partner). Among other things, they have NFTs of the characters listed on Rarible and Binance. Holding those will surely guarantee you some privileges the rest of fans won't have. Go watch the first episode, see you in the YouTube comment section :)


relatable. this showed made

relatable. this showed made me remember the best years of my life when I used to watch cartoons on Disney channel as a kid

I was always more into

I was always more into nickelodeon or at least cartoon network


I was watching nickelodeon

I was watching nickelodeon only for sponge bob 

I feel you nick and CN only

I feel you nick and CN only had a couple good shows while disney was broadcasting a hit after a hit 

if you still live in 2008 and

if you still live in 2008 and use TV Take My Muffin is on 2x2 Network lol 

Thank you for the information

Thank you for the information, I will watch it immediately :)