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A nice stimulus to learn NFT

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A nice stimulus to learn NFT

We all know NFT projects often carry no value and are dull and meaningless. But today I want to share one that stands out from the crowd of NFTs, even from hyped projects. One thing very special about it: it’s an animated series! You can even influence some of the ToonBox studio’s decisions if you hold NFTs or Take My Muffin tokens that you can purchase on 1inch DEX. I won’t even mention the fact that you’ll be able to see the latest TMM episodes far earlier than the rest of the audience. The first episode was released on YouTube, but it’s quite possible that for further episodes you’ll need the Premier streaming subscription or access to the 2x2 TV channel. But really, even if you’re a crypto-head going crazy for all these digital assets and privileges, the best part of Take My Muffin is the content itself!  

A naked unicorn named Korney gets hit on a highway. He loses consciousness, then wakes up in a hospital. The unicorn doesn’t remember who he is, what he was, or how he ended up there. It’s full-blown amnesia! As a male nurse, a three-eyed cat named Rok, tries to take a smear from Korney’s nose, Bandit-Goblins enter the hospital. It is clear from their shouts that they are looking for the unicorn. The nurse helps Korney escape, and takes him to his house. Comes out that Rok isn’t a nurse, but a NPO start-up lab founder. Later Korney will get to know that Rok only saved him to produce psychedelic substances from his boogies, but now… 

I didn’t expect the series to be that good, so I highly recommend everybody to watch at least the 1st episode that can be accessed for free on YouTube. Let’s see if you can stop! 

I was crazy anticioating the

I was crazy anticioating the 1st ep, luckily the guys didn't disappoint 

didn't disappoint? they

didn't disappoint? they overcame all my expectations! 

kinda same, but I hope that

kinda same, but I hope that proceedings will be even more exciting so I left some compliments for ruture episodes lmao

author: this is a good

author: this is a good project to start your NFT journey 

people: yooo the cartoon is amazing!

I see ur point broski but who

I see ur point broski but who are we to judge...