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confused animation student

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confused animation student

Hello, sorry about the vague title. I am basically in my second year of animation in a university in England but I am finding the course not to be exactly suitable for me to be honest. It's a strange thing because the first year was quite different and I didn't have many complaints so since I was hearing good things I thought the second year wouldn't be like this. I feel like we are not learning much but instead we are being given some advice and working on projects. I am happy with my 3d classes and I can't say I'm totally unhappy with the rest or that I dislike them but I feel they are lacking for me personally. I really want to improve my skills and I feel like the university isn't helping me to do so. We have some life drawing classes next semester but other than that we are not going in to more depth on animation techniques or having classes about composition/colour/anatomy/etc...? Maybe I am wrong to expect this. I was wondering if most universities in the UK do not do this... I have been looking at a school in France but I don't want to do anything rash (even though I am not very happy in this city in general). I am mostly interested in 2d and right now I am focusing on that in my course but while also taking some 3d classes. 

Basically I just want to ask whether the structure of animation courses is mostly like that in the UK and if it's a good idea to consider moving to France.

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 If the class is suppose be

 If the class is suppose be teaching more advance animation techniques and they are not, I would start talking to people at the University. Maybe start with your instructor and move up the food chain, It could be that some of the thing you wont to learn are in a film or photography class.

Maybe some online education?

I think that their educational structure is about the same. I went to the same courses in my country and essentially they're not that different. They also constantly asked to do presentations of your projects. For that I used since I just didn’t physically manage everything. I think you should pay attention to online education since moving is kinda hard. 

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