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Who's up for some fresh, engaging content? Friends, I've got a recommendation for you that's extremely delicious! Enjoy shows such as Rick and Morty or The Bojack Horseman? Then you're going to love this one! Take My Muffin is the brand new animation series by Toonbox Studio.

Unicorn Korney learns he has the ability to come up with innovative business ideas. Korney was saved by Rok, a three-eyed cat with his own purposes that Korney has no idea about. This show feels like an acid-trip version of Silicon Valley, where robots coexist with dragons and talking potatoes and investors pour money into the production of psychoactive boogies. Mindblowing…

This is the most intriguing part: The characters are listed as NFTs on the most popular platforms. If you're a fan of crypto, you'll be blown away.. Because of their tokens (which can be found on the 1inch platform, the series' main partner, by the way), fans may see new episodes considerably sooner than they would. My guess is that coin prices are going to skyrocket when the series becomes viral... It's up to you to decide, but one thing I'm quite certain of is that everyone should watch it!

can someone invest in my

can someone invest in my boogers too :D 

LMAO gtfo 

LMAO gtfo 

not a fan of crypto yet, let

not a fan of crypto yet, let's see if this project can change my mind 

I don't think the creators

I don't think the creators even intend to 

you know I really want to get

you know I really want to get into it but it's always the lack of time or motivation or something else...