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Selling Games to Schools

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Selling Games to Schools

Hey All.

So, a school may be interested in buying a few of my games. Does anyone have any experience / advice on selling Flash games to schools like:

1. what to charge
2. writing up a contract

Any advice would be super-duper appreciated.

Thanks! :-)

PS Happy Holidays kids!

No freakin' idea!

...but I wanted to be the first to say so!

Seriously tho, I'd look in that freelancers/guild book for contracts, pricing, etc...anybody know the book of which I speak?

Anyhoo, congrats! Breaking into the education-thang could be fun! And money t'aint a bad thing, either!

Splatman :D

Howdy Splats

Hey I got redirected here from the general discussion forum I think. Problem is this forum gets NO TRAFFIC. Dangit.

Thanks for the congrats. I've posted this question on a few other forums and mostly get responses like...'hey that's a good question...don't know'.

So, we'll see.


I found it!!!

Hi Boutros!

The book I was trying to recall is "Graphic Artists Guild Handbook: Pricing & Ethical Guidelines "
You can find it at your local booksellers by the ISBN number, which is...ISBN: 0932102123

It has a whole section on pricing (and contracts) for animation, games, etc.

A must have!

Good luck!

Splatman :D


Splatman :D

Thanks Heaps, Splats!

You're a real sweet potato! (A holiday inspired compliment ! )

Figuring out how to sell the darn games is harder than making them in the first place. I'm jetting off to Amazon to check out your book recommendation.

Thanks again.

Ciao! :-)

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