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Client Accquisition for Explainer video company

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Client Accquisition for Explainer video company

Hi Guys,

I am a business dev manager for a explainer video production studio. We are more a work in progress as me and a college buddy started this business about 3 years ago. We are a very small outfit with just 5 employees and most of the clients we have accquired are from our videos on our youtube channel and facebook page.

Since we are based in India, its not possible for me to physically visit clients in the US and cold calling doesnt seem to work very well. I have tried advertising campaigns on adwords and facebook but they have not been very successful.

Would appreciate some guidance from fellow business people on how i can accquire new clients consistently.




Hi Joe,

If you're out in India, i would suggest you initally continue to focuss on just getting clients in India, and perhaps Hong Kong ( there's a large market there). You should also then look up events that are taking place, for example, a good secret is actually going to start up events ( as they all need a video!) and also going and meeting at industry meet ups. If there aren't any already nearby, then start up your own group. 

Once you've started building some relationships with the start ups, word of mouth with be a key factor. For the next step, you should start building up a subscriber list, in which you can then email them your by monthly, to show your recent work, and keep you front of mind.

Let me know if i can help with anything else, You may also want to see our blog, some things in there may be usefull

For any company, good

For any company, good clientele is very important. As I feel that their work speaks a volume in terms of their clients. So, whenever I have to assign my services to any company, I look into their portfolio of clients, and seeing some known names gives a lot of confidence to me for signing them up. Hence, signing up The Visual House for the promotional video of my company, the first thing I did was to search their website for their work clients and other details. Names like Unicef, WHO, Johns Hopkins etc. gave a lot of confidence to me for giving the responsibility of my project in their safe hands. After working with them, I can proudly announce that TVH is the best corporate video & film production houses/company in Delhi NCR, providing high-quality services, especially in areas of the Northern Region.

Final Out Solutions Is The

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