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Acceptable business model?

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Acceptable business model?

Hi -- I'm a songwriter, and my songs tell stories. I'd like to work with an animator in the following kind of arrangement. The animator would produce a film to go with one of my songs and we would then upload it on Youtube (e.g.). The idea is that we would both benefit from the exposure. Is this a reasonable sort of business model? 

This idea has a right to life

This idea has a right to life and is realizable. You can send out an offer by e-mail to the animators and it is quite possible that they will agree. To search for emails, I recommend using chrome email extractor here

It's not a bad idea in

It's not a bad idea in general and business should survive, so in general you can use such methods. I too have had experiences with and so far the tool hasn't let me down. Fortunately there are many more features and options on how to generate sales revenue and grow your business