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Teesside University VS Savannah College of Art & Design

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Teesside University VS Savannah College of Art & Design

Hi everyone.

I come from Norway and have studied 3D design for a year, most of the adobe programs, some sculpting with zbrush, mudbox, and mostly modelling and animating through Maya. I have also studied croqui with for almost up to 5 months.
This year I applied for a bachelor at SCAD at Savannah and Teeside University at Middlebrough, England. After being accepted by both and got accepted by both. My intentions with applying is to be capable of getting a solid showreel within computer animation.

Furthermore, I only received a 4000$ scholarship from SCAD, and I am considered an international student by Teeside due to coming from Norway

As most of you know, SCAD is quite expensive but amazingly good. If you work hard enough through the intensive course you will be rewarded. At least a good job within the career of animation, and the constant student loan crawling up behind your back that you need to pay :^)
Meanwhile Teesside's tuition is fairly alright for international students, though I feel very uncomfortable not knowing where I will end up working. I do not doubt the employage rate at Teesside, though will it solely be in England or what are my options?

Most online sites claim that the average merida for animators to be around 49 000 $ a year in the US. Not to mention that 3D animators are more popular than 2D artists now a days and receives another thousand dollars per year.

My current realistic solution is to take a bachelor at Teesside and end it off with a master at SCAD, just like a bang!

Any other advices or tips?

I hope this topic can bring some new fresh light for other people as well!

How do you like Boston

How do you like Boston University? I don’t know, you need to read about each one.

the original

This is a very difficult choice. When you finish school, you are confused. Since, you have a choice of where to enter. I'm now studying at the University of Colorado. And we were asked to write an essay about where else would you go? I used the excellent source you can follow this link where everything about Cornell University was written. In fact, after reading about this university, I became very interested. And I thought that if I entered there, what would change ?! But this I will never know. So you need to make a clear choice, because your future depends on it.