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Web Design, im looking to help people

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Web Design, im looking to help people

Alright well as ive seen alot of animators have some problems with proper deisgn ethics. this is just me knowing al of the common fads, trends and advertising methods used today. Now i well wanted to help in a way i need the practice in web deisgn because its simply design to me. I know full coding methods for valid XHTML, HTML, CSS, PHP and occasionaly java. I know new animators fesh from colage cant afford to pay a designer to come in and make a great web site for them and some of the pros would rather not spend money on a web site. Well i need the practice and if you kinda mentor me and teach me some things then hey id call it even.

only thing is i wont agree to do a studios web site only your personal portfolio.

if you would like to see some of my designs.
Closed Shutter layout - this is one of my earlyer css layouts mostly image driven but it loads at 5+ times the speed of a plain html page regardless the connection.

AllStarr Media Solutions - my web site with the old corperate idea this site will be remade into my small studios site. Mostly what you see here is the design point corperate in style yet laid back. notice its traditional html and loads mcuh slower.

Ghetto Stomp - from what i like to call the old days this was from a wile back the code was image ready sliced, no effort put forward and the sites use after it was compleated also tarnished the original apeal of the site.

Half-There - no real reason to have this here because there is no web site up yet but in the week foloring this it sould be open with the new layout.

now all layouts are pre scetched in a matter of speeking so i can always give you a technical preview befor any work is started.

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