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Looking to build an animation team

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Looking to build an animation team

I am building a crew of visual artists to join the team to create an animated web series short. The series centers around a group of shopping mall regulars and their over-the-top battles. It's Family Guy meets Mall Rats with a bit of Metalocalypse.

We are going to produce a 3-5 minutes animated short for the web and I want everyone to have creative input on the project. I'm a writer with a visual design background, but everyone involved can offer suggestions, bring their own skill set to the team, and truly collaborate, not just animate my short film idea.

Here's who we need to join the team (and a basic description):

2D Illustrator / Flash Designer - Basic cartoon styles, similar to Family Guy visuals, nothing overly complicated. We have character designs already, but we will need backgrounds and objects as well.

Storyboard Artist - Basic designs, nothing too detailed as the animation design will be simple and clean.

Flash Animators - Basic 2D style, not heavy on detail, no complicated movement needed.

The long term plan is to create this short as a calling card for what we can do, use it to build an audience, and run a Kickstarter to fund future episodes of this or other ideas. If we do this one for free, we can find an audience and easily make money on future projects.

I’m open to bartering service-for-service. I can offer any service related to screenwriting (script analysis, writing, edits) and graphic design (logos, flyers, brochures, WordPress websites).

Please contact me with your name, area of interest, and a link to your work. Thanks!

Here to sink your ship

 Sadly I won't be joining in on this, but only here to tell you what you're doing wrong. It's going to be very hard for you to find people who would want to work for free on this. Everyone on earth have ideas they want to do, but that's their idea. You say it would easily be kickstartered, but you can't be certain. To start this you would need to pay for people and then those people may stay after they did the work and this kickstart would actually help fund it. If not, this idea won't become a reality.

I think you can get people to

I think you can get people to work for free.....I do, while learning.  As long as there is screen credit and it is something that they would want to show future employers.  I can draw some 2d stuff for you if you get in contact with me, but I am still learning so I am no pro.  

Still looking?

If you still need a team, we can provide music and help with editing and minor animation. Let us know!

If you are still looking i

If you are still looking i can make digital art and animate in a cartoon style. I can work for free as long as i get recognition. Add me on discord as im more active on it TheAGamer39#1518

If you are still looking then

If you are still looking then you can search at 3dservicesindia.

Well, I am good at

Well, I am good at storyboarding, 2D illustrating, and Adobe flash animating, so I might be of service. here's my portfolio

Thanks all for the answers.

Thanks all for the answers.