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Can anyone tell me the advantages of animation over books?

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Can anyone tell me the advantages of animation over books?

Yes, I know they're different and I have no intention of painting books as something inferior, but I feel kind of worried right now because I just thought about the fact that unlike books, animation does restrict your imagination on how you think a character looks, because you do not have to imagine them. The way a character looks is, you could say, "imposed" by the animators, which means they restrict how people can imagine their character and they force their vision of it, right? Is that bad thing?

Also, I'm worried about the fact that books can already describe anything imaginable, thus maybe making animated movies useless in a way, as books can already describe everything there is in an animated film or series. No need for a visual spectacle, right? What's the point of animation if everything can be told through books, from character and enviroment descriptions to dialogue to action sequences?

All of this worries me because I love animation and want to dedicate myself to it. I don't want to see it as books but shorter but more restricted regarding one's imagination. I love the idea of making amazing films with otherwordly settings and showing others my vision of a character, but I'm wondering if that's inferior to just letting people imagine how they look by themselves. Even if this post sounds stupid, can you please tell me in what ways can animation do things books can't and what advantages does it have over them? Thank you.

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Hi Revenant3, this is indeed

Hi Revenant3, this is indeed a good question. According to me, the answer is very simple and straight.

A book and an animated version can both tell stories. As you see in books, it also uses images to explain some emotions or situations. It sometimes uses more images to explain the content in more detail. An animated version is simply a sequence of such images or details and is beautiful when it is mixed with effects, music, etc. In short: a book cannot explain or portray as much details an animation version can. An animated version is always considered as the advanced(next) level version of a book.


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Animation is the best!

Animation is the best!

As much as I would not love

As much as I would not love animation, but I love books more. Somehow, a few days ago I read a post on about my favorite book, I decided to re-read it. This essay on The Gift Of The Magi made me understand that it was reading that developed my fantasy and imagination!)

I am sorry, I don't know much

I am sorry, I don't know much.

But I will try to search for

But I will try to search for it.

Yup, the animation is the

Também quero saber as vantagens da animação sobre os livros e, para isso, procuro a informação online. Na verdade, tenho uma tarefa de redação e, para isso, preciso dessas informações. Estou feliz por ter encontrado sua postagem. Vou tentar escrever um ensaio por conta própria e se não conseguir escrever sozinho, terei ajuda do site porque, ao pesquisar essas informações online, descobri que site e descobriram que eles têm avaliações realmente boas em comparação com outros.