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Social Media

I would like to hear from everyone about what social media they use, when you wont to read or dissuce animatioin. 

I just heard about Vine so are you using it or some other media?


Hello there,

There is a Scratch! International Animation Film Festival. Held in the city of Lecce, in the South of Italy, a city of art is flourishing with the new interest in this form of visual art.

Make yourself sure you check out and enter your inscripions (!submit-movies/cuga.)




The 2nd edition of Scratch! International Animation Film Festival will take place on 14/15 of June 2013 in Lecce (Italy).
Scratch! is a festival dedicated to short animation movies (max 20 min. length films).
There are three competitive categories: 1)

From 2014 until now Instagram

From 2014 until now Instagram is most popular. And average age is 16~35.

I want to go a little deeper

I want to go a little deeper into this topic and talk with you about how social networks can help us in our studies. To do this, first of all, you need to read the article because as a college student you should know that there are many resources available that can help us with learning and making it much easier. There are many benefits when it comes to using social media for learning.

I have been sitting on

I have been sitting on Twitter for a long time and I watch politics and the sphere of show business and cinema there mainly