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Help this Mom out, need advice on drawing tablet!

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Help this Mom out, need advice on drawing tablet!

For my daughters 16th birthday last year, she asked for a drawing tablet. I bought her one, Huain?  She does use it, but it has to be connected to the desktop.

She really wanted one that she could use wherever she was. I have no idea what that would be called or what to look for. Help!

I'm looking for not the cheapest but affordable, she's a little rough with her things...She is hoping to take Animation and Arts in College, she is always drawing...

Can anyone recommend what work work?

Thank You so much!

There are some good drawing

There are some good drawing tablets I can recommend. Please note; everything that I believe is important is in italics. 

Short answer:

The one I use for my occasional illustrations and digital sculpting is the Wacom One (US Amazon link:
It doesn't have a screen on it but its been amazing for me! it feels like I'm using paper sometimes. It's very light, it feels around 200 to 500 grammes, its so light I take it with me when I go to Sixth Form or on holidays. I can vouch for it personally! 

The two brands I've heard are good are:
Wacom (The one I use)
Huion (Huion are cheaper than Wacom)


Long, and boring answer:

If your daughter wants one with a screen, I can only recommend those if she is serious about doing drawing/sculpting digitally.
The reason I say this is because they can get pretty hefty in price and are great if you want a more "genuine" experience, you can get small ones like with a screen on them (Hell, I've seen people use iPads in my class!). They're good for getting serious into your craft or working in the creative media industry!


If you have any questions, I encourage you to ask. Its great to see a Mum looking out for her daughter!

I bought for my daughter the

I bought for my daughter the cheapest iPad with a pen. She is five years old, and her only interest is drawing. I do not know what will happen if we take from here the iPad. She paints all day and ignores TV, puzzle, or toys. I do not know how to react. Let her pursue her hobby or obligate her to learn new things. I follow and feel more assertive about my child's healthful and correct education. The moms' culture is about strength, love, and care. Be free to have a good conversation with moms worldwide and get more insight about raising a child.