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Want to Work on Games, but not a Gamer...

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Want to Work on Games, but not a Gamer...

I play a moderate to light amount of video games. And my play as well as knowledge gets lighter and lighter as I don't have time for it anymore. But I am very interested in working for game companies. I figure that it doesn't matter that much. But I'm just curious, how important is the amount of video games you play, particularly from the company you're applying to, to your qualification for the job?

I understand you ought to have basic knowledge of the company and games just as you would for any. But is the experience with the games themselves important to whether or not you get hired?

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~Little Animator~

~Little Animator~

Do you have an update for

It is not a problem that you are not a gamer. I can invite you to play with me minecraft. I am sure that you will find it really funny. This game is not hard and it takes not more than 40 minutes to learn to play it. I am playing this game rn. Give me a pm with the ip address of the server that you find it interesting, search here for one and we will play together minecraft for as long as you want. I have the whole day free and I can play with you for a long time. We can build everything that you want.

You Dont Need To Be A Gamer

You Dont Need To Be A Gamer

If YOU arent a gamer, you can take help from someone who IS. Like a friend or someone. They can tell you what u should or shouldnt do and you can create the game! They can even test it to find broken things or glitches! Even famous companies usually hire gamers to test the game, not play it themselves! :)

When you are creating

When you are creating animations online, you should not have to settle for lower quality. In fact, you can still create animation mm to m online that rivals any others out there if you are lucky to have chosen the best tool. 

Hi there! I think that

Hi there! I think that experience with games is necessary. It makes sense if the job is related to GAMES. You should know as much as possible about different games. And your list should include even unpopular games that few people play. You'll have to test things like that. I may be wrong, though. I indeed know only minecraft. So other than that I can't advise you anything. If you want, connect to some server. You can choose something from minecraft pixelmon servers. Write if you want to play together. I'd be glad to!

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