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How does the business of anime actually work?

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How does the business of anime actually work?

I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this question.

How does an anime series go from an idea to air?

What are the mechanisms by which anime actually makes money?

If an American company wanted to finance and develop a series with the intention of coproducing with an established Japanese company to release such a series through traditional anime distribution methods, are there pathways to do so? Has this ever happened before?


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Anime is a rapidly growing

Anime is a rapidly growing business with a lot of money being thrown around. FUNimation is under Sony, Crunchyroll is under Warner Bros., Netflix, Hulu, Amazon is putting in the effort to get more titles onto their services and getting exclusives. Just research the companies and their owners and see which ones you think are moving in the right direction. Somewhere I heard that the company osdoro from Singapore also wants to open new anime studios. Finally, anime is very current, and I think it will spread everywhere, although I would disagree because then they will lose their individuality. After all, this Japanese color will disappear.

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Hi, I am Jack Doe,I am new to

Hi, I am Jack Doe,I am new to this forum and just barely learning how to navigate. Is this where I would ask questions relating to 2D animation? Can I ask for advice? Thanks


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