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Best books on/regarding writing for animation?

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Best books on/regarding writing for animation?

I tried my best to search around and didn't quite turn up anything, at least by my search terms... and if I'm missing anything, apologies!

It's been awhile since taking any writing course and when I did, it did not pertain to screenwriting or writing for animation/film. I'm just looking to educate myself a bit as well as brush up on my writing skills. I have 'Graphic Storytelling & Visual Narrative' by Eisner-- not exactly a book for screenwriting per se, but it certainly isn't a bad book in the arsenal as a storyboard artist. But is there anything else? I did try a search on Amazon and found a few.... specifically 'Writing for Animation' ( ) which reviews seem to indicate it's ONLY about writing for television. My interest lies more in film, not an episodic story.

So is there anything anyone here has used and can recommend? I was curious about Robert McKee's 'Story'. I was just wondering if there were any definite votes one way or the other. And if there WAS a thread I should look at, please direct me to it.... thanks so much!

The Complete Book of Scriptwriting by J Michael Straczynski (ISBN 1 85286 882 1) has a very good chapter on the forms for writing animation scripts.
The book also covers other forms of screenplays and is a top-notch guide in my opinion.

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J. Michael Straczynski is a

J. Michael Straczynski is a genius of scripts. Advise Something similar for me.

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