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Students needs some'help'

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Students needs some'help'

Hey guys n gals. so, i'm already a student, but i'm at a difficult point now. As many others are. A lot of my friends are leaving the school complaining about cost and how they don't feel the courses are effective. Well, they're not even finished with the first year. I personally feel I don't have room to base that kinda of judgement, especially in pursuit of an Animation degree. While they're only going for graphics design or game design (offered at state universities and local community colleges). I've been looking around the internet, or how respected the Art Institutes are, are opinions are scattered. I see more good than bad still, so I'm happy with that. Now I'd like to ask those is in the field what there take on it is.

How respected is The Art Institutes in an Animation education in the business? Do employers/studios tend to hire from here? Do they have good things to say about the employees from the schools? For those who've attended Ai, what are your takes? Btw, my school is Pdx. Thanks!!!!! =D

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-Jace T.

-Jace T.

I've taught at Art Institute before ( 2004-2006, Vancouver/Burnaby campuses) in their animation programmes.
Their rep ( at least the campuses I taught at) is much the same as any other school. They are a franchise and market/advertise themselves heavily. I found that more emphasis was placed on that than on facilities or equipment.
Instructor cadre was competent and the instructors I knew gave a damn, but it would depend. I thought that some compromises.........unnecessary compromises were made to programmes. For many other reasons, I did not enjoy my teaching tenure there as much as I would have liked.

Do studios hire from them? According to their internal communications, yes they do, but bear in mind that the school itself holds NO bearing on the hiring process.
Its the STUDENT'S work that get them hired, not the school they go to.
I cannot speak to what the opinions are of the graduates though, as I am not working at present in those circles that would have an opinion on that.

My the AI school of your choice, ask to communicate with their alumni and ask the alumni DIRECTLY of their opinions of the school. Those that are working can give you a good idea of how the programmes went for them, the general impressions of the instructors and facilities- They alone can give you the best idea of whether or not AI is worth your time.

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Students needs somehelp

How do you address it? Dear students and parents? What happens if they live with grandparents?

Yes, the problems that were

Yes, the problems that were before are not even equal to our online training now. I miss school.

I agree with you, it's harder

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