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Old tradtional animation film about The Great War (WWI)

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Old tradtional animation film about The Great War (WWI)

Hello All,

New member to these forums. Great site this!
I have a query to anyone who may be able to help me with a doubt that has been plaguing me for a while. 
Many eons ago I watched an old animation movie about WW I. Not sure about the origin but it was not your usual film about war. It felt more like a film about a nuclear holocaust, such was the destruction I remember it showed.

I watched this such long time ago, that I cannot remember if it was spoken or had music but, judging from the style and colour I would say it was a film from the early decades of the twentieth century.

Can anybody help? Thanks!

This is really great to read

This is really great to read about the Great War (WWI) film which showed all the old animation and people liked it much. No doubt, mostly people like action or full music scene but I think this movie sketch the best scene ever and I appreciate everybody who act in this movie and it's nice to check in order to meet the deadlines. Thanks!

I have watched many movies

I have watched many movies about world wars and they always impress me. My father was a soldier and he always wanted to pass on his values ​​to me. Relationships between soldiers and team spirit are the most important. It is all based on accepted by everyone values. I read many interesting things about it at and now I know what six central army values ​​are. These are Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage.

Let's maintain these values ​​in other spheres of life, not only the army. And thanks for sharing your opinions. It was interesting for me to read it.

Sad to see what has become of

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Yeah, the forum is so heavily

Yeah, the forum is so heavily riddled with bots, its so annoying ;/ I wish something could be done to breathe life into this forum cause it is so frustrating to see it in this shape at the moment :(