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Pre-Startup opportunity for animators

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Pre-Startup opportunity for animators

"Logic will get you from A to point B. Imagination will take you everywhere" A.E

Hello to all Talents,

I am Soha, Founder of avocadeau. We are at the pre-startup stage (pre formation of a company). One of the component of our company involves ongoing 2D animations that work as A. marketing and B. Instruction. 

Take avocadeau as the future of cookbook! a global cook book where you can find any recipe with animated instruction. The Job opportunity is big once I and my team validate our business model concept! 

We are looking for building a team who share the same values as ours which are based on Sharing and Adding to human qualities. We believe in sharing experience in the kitchens with the people we love! And to be honest we are going agains the stream of today' super fast-paced life-style that demands us to be more and more and more productive at the expense of cutting down some of the greates moments of life, one of which we believe is COOKING! 

So if you believe you share with us the same values that adds to human qualities, you are more than welcome to consider this opportunity and write back to me. 

I also need to be educated and learn more from you talented individuals, how to implement a team of talents for an on-going animation project. 

Feel free to write back to me and share with me your thoughts, your talents, your future goals and ambitions! 

*To learn more about the opportunity, E-mail me at


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startup is a very complex

startup is a very complex topic

 I just recently finished my

 I just recently finished my studies, and I want to implement several of my projects. I even have ready-made presentations. I am looking for a startup project (team) that can accept me. This is important for me, and I am ready to implement cool ideas!