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Need advice about education.

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Need advice about education.

My name is Julia. I'm from Russia. I would like to ask advice, what should I do in my situation?

I took a course on traditional animation in college from VGIK. But it turned out that our animation master quit when we finished our first year. In Russia, it is difficult to find a master animator who can teach students. So, in place of our teacher, they took two students who had recently graduated. Unfortunately, they couldn't teach us much. I was lucky and I was taken by a master of puppet animation from the Soyuzmultfilm studio. He was old but knew a lot about animation. And since there were no other hand-drawn animators, he started teaching me traditional hand-drawn animation ...I graduated from college with a high score. And I even had an internship on several cartoons at the Soyuzmultfilm studio. But the management of the studio changed and all the old co-workers and my friends were fired. I started looking for a new job. They refuse me everywhere. It turned out that the level of my knowledge in animation is very low. And everywhere I go thy need experienced specialists (as they say). I know that many studios used to take animators for training, practice or apprenticeship. But now its no such tsings in Russia. And there is no place to study. The college where I studied was the best of its kind. Complicating the problem is the fact that I have a visual disability. And disabled people in our country find it even more difficult to find a job because employers prefer not to deal with disabled people for fear of problems.

Now they took me to other studio, but they don't want to teach there either. They are not satisfied with my level of knowledge, but they do not kick me out yet.
So the question is: What to do? Give up and learn another profession? Or keep trying ?I know there are schools and studios in other countries. Maybe I should try to find education or apprenticeship there?
Thanks for any advice!

And sorry for my english. This is my second language ...

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Thanks for answers! I forgot

Thanks for answers!
I forgot to attach a link to a small piece of my animation
I thought about the whole situation. Maybe I should look for a mentor in animation? If not in Russia, then somewhere else? I understand English any way... Or is it impossible to find a mentor? I was taught as a hand-drawing animator on paper. Now I'm trying to learn how to work on programs like TV paint and Toon boom. There are some successes.
I was kicked out of the last studio. Verdict: I am not able to work with exposure sheets (I was not taught that). I don't know how to "adjust" to someone else's animation style (I have no idea how other arimators do it). I'm not confident in my abilities and I make a lot of mistakes because of this ...



Just so you know, I think the first two replies were from robots - this site seems to have a big problem with spam robots (unfortunately).

Anyways, I am definitely no professional at animation, but I think that the animatic you have is really really good from a traditional animation perspective! Hopefully we can get someone on this thread that has actually worked in the industry and knows more about what they are taking about. I think there are lots of tutorials online (maybe Youtube?) that teach how to read an exposure sheet. Its mostly to get the sound synced up with the animation properly in the beginning. And through my research so far, a lot of industry are really looking for people that can adjust to other animation styles and methods, which makes it hard sometimes. 

I think your skills are amazing though. What you showed in your Youtube link is really really good! This forum seems to be kind of dead at the moment, but I've found that reddit animation communities have a lot of professional people from the industry that could give you much better advice if you're interested. Here is the general animation subreddit: You could try posting the animation onto the subreddit and ask for advice, and I think there are spots to ask animators questions about anything animation related so maybe try that.

Sorry I do not have enough experience to help you decide what to do, but hopefully this helps! Have confidence in your skill because your animation is amazing!!!


Sorry one more thing, here is

Sorry one more thing, here is another subreddit that might actually be even more applicable. 

Its for asking questions specifically related to an animation career.

Thanks for the kind words.

Thanks for the kind words.
Yes, I love traditional animation. I was taught by old masters. Only i were a little unlucky and they could not finish our course ... And the trouble is that we have no traditional animation masters left in Russia. Most either quit their jobs or died (they were 70+ years old). Strange, but working with sheets and timing is the first thing young animators are taught. But our teacher decided to postpone this topic for the future. And then she quit. My mentor, the puppet animator, most likely thought that I already knew and did not ask.
To be honest, I tried to write to Aaron Blaze and Don Bluth. I just don't know anyone else. I asked for advice. But neither one nor the other answered. Don Bluth seems to be recruiting student courses.But the price he charged for the training is too high. Perhaps in America this is not a big cost, but we have completely different prices and salaries in Russia ...

I see, I'm not much of a help

I see, I'm not much of a help here - I am in school for something else and I'm only animating on the side as a hobby (I still have so much to learn myself). I'm not too familiar with the animation scene in Russia unfortunately :( But maybe check out the reddit forums they might be more helpful than I am. Or, maybe someone will swing by this forum and give some good advice.

All I know is what you have is good!


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You definitely cannot give up

You definitely cannot give up, you have come a long way. Be patient and keep going, you will succeed!

Agree with you. But, I would

Agree with you. But, I would add a point: Yulya. If you see other paths or opportunities, don't lose them too; sometimes, it's better to change the way.

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