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How to make money from Web Shows?

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How to make money from Web Shows?

Hey Animation Lovers?

One of the topics that is running through my mind these days is that 'Is it possible to make money by creating animated web shows for Internet?'

It is widely known now that more and more people are watching videos on Web. There are 24 hours of videos being uploaded on You Tube every minute. There are people in this world who do nothing else but make videos for You Tube, their videos get millions of views and they make pot loads of money. Interestingly these people are not some big shot production companies but independent creative people like you and me.

So after having seen lots of such videos and getting inspired, I decide to dip my feet in the world of web shows. I created a You Tube Channel about a year back and started posting animated videos. My channel even got selected as a You Tube partner but one year down the road I am far from making any money from my videos. Most views that any of my video has garnered is roughly 2000. I have four videos that have got more then 1000 views and overall views that my channel has recieved in one year is 11,000. My You Tube Partnership has generated all of 3 US dollars in one year. These are not the figures which encourage me to quit my Day job.

So I am often left wondering that what does it take to get thousands if not millions of views? Is my Content not good enough? Should I do some marketing etc etc.

Is their anybody in these forums who has wisdom about Videos for Internet? Please feel free to discuss. Oh and if you wanna take a look at my content here's the link to my You Tube Channel:

Looking forward for your views..:)


I don't think a lot of those guys are making 'pot loads' of money, just enough to make a modest living.

From what I've seen, the guys that are successfully doing it full time are either pumping out new content once a week at the very least and have been doing so for a number of years (5 or 6) before they started making any serious money from it, or at least enough to quit their jobs.
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I have lots of you tube vids. The vids that do well are tied in with a kids book series, I worked on a video game version. None of my other vids do anywhere near as well as the book series related stuff. The top one has 118,000 views. The reason they do well is obviously because they are related to an established brand.

I guess the trick is to do tie ins with breaking news or trending subjects, or you could spoof established brands (beware of copy right issues) remember that initial views come from your title and keywords, the quality of the clip is irrelevant to search engines.

I have a friend who has a monstrously successful youtube channel and he says it only makes him pocket money. He said the main value of his youtube channel was that it brought him work.

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Hi acetate assasin & ezromation,

Thanks a lot for contributing your views on this thread. So from what you guys have said these are the ways to make money from making web shows:

1. Produce content consistently over a period of time.

2. Create content around breaking news or trending subjects to attract views.

3. The videos themselves may not bring in lot of money, but it can lead to future work which will bring in money.

I completely agree with the 'produce content consistently' thing. I used to get around 200-300 views every month on my You Tube channel when I first started posting videos last year. Off lately I have noticed that My channel is averaging close to 2000 views every month. I was on the verge of quitting making videos for web, but now I am gonna stick around for at least another year to see which direction the whole thing goes.

Once again, thanks a lot. Do spare a moment to check out my website.

I'm in your same boat. I actually find your channel and characters quite well designed, so I'm not positive as to what's going on (perhaps just the location?)

It took me two years to make $150 off of my first Youtube video (and it's still my top viewed one which I don't understand, none of my 19 other videos after have caught up to it :(). When I upgraded to making a new episode once a week (and answering requests-yikes) I nearly died from all the stress and hours up but I did see a spike in growth. I'm still not quite where I want to be yet so I'll keep going (it's trends I was attacking next, making Hunger Games and Dark Knight Rises satires) but alas, my laptop died in the middle of my latest project (a My Little Pony one-another big trend to go after) so I can't do jack until it's replaced.

YouTube's tough. I too wonder how some other animators on there get so many millions of views per week (especially when it's something like "Batman eats a hot dog")-but it's hard and I'm stubborn enough to not give up. ;)

CROSS-PROMOTION too, that's another good one. I got more subs after agreeing to feature another animator on my channel and vice-versa. It's hard as hell to get though (and the big ones like HarryPatridge and stuff are impossible to contact)

I've also debated whether or not to finally put myself in front of the camera-seems the bigger ones do at least once (but I'm not comfortable enough /w the idea yet, and I don't know how viewers would react so early on)

Hang in there. ;)

Hi Cromartie,

Nice of you to drop in on this thread. I checked out your channel. You've got some really interesting stuff going on there...

It seems like you can't earn enough money from You Tube, (enough to quit your day job at least), unless your videos get like millions of views. And no one knows how to get millions of views?

Neverthless we shall continue to do what we are doing, because right now we might be small but each new video we put out helps us in becoming big...:cool:

Internet is Unpredictable and we just got to keep trying.

Thanks for subbing! To help out some I'll feature you in a sidebox on my channel too. ;)

Hey Cromartie,

Many Thanx for putting my channel in a sidebox on your channel. That's really nice of you...:)


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Web shows have become a popular medium for entertainment and can also be a great way to make money. One effective way to monetize web shows is through the use of product animation. Here are some tips on how to make money from web shows using product animation:

  1. Create high-quality product animations: To effectively promote a product and make money from your web show, it's important to create high-quality product animations that showcase the features and benefits of the product in an engaging and entertaining way.
  2. Incorporate product animations into your web show: Integrating product animations into your web show is an effective way to promote the product to your audience. You can use the animations as a form of advertisement, highlighting the product in a way that is entertaining and engaging.
  3. Partner with companies: Partnering with companies that produce products that align with the theme of your web show can help you monetize your content. Companies will pay to have their products featured in your web show and promoted through product animations.
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  5. Use affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing is another effective way to make money from your web show. You can promote products through product animations and include affiliate links that earn you a commission for each sale that is made through your link.

By following these tips and incorporating product animations into your web show, you can effectively monetize your content and make money from your web show. Good luck!

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