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Hi, I need help with Adobe Animate

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Hi, I need help with Adobe Animate

Hi, I study animation at university. We were taught this subject about Animate in a short period time and now I have some questions about an Animate assigment. I am pretty happy in this masters' and my teachers are awesome, but this confusion is what often happens when subjects are concentrate in a short period of time.

Besides, I have been searching for this specific question I have but I haven't been able to find an answer. My question is this: I am given a character's head (hair, eyes, mouth... all elements are symbolised) and I had to make it move, like 4-5 frames. First thing I distributed all the head parts into frames. Then I create a new layer to animate each frame and I add a new keyframe there. But then, when I decide to change, for example, the hair size in the first frame of animation, that changes the original hair, too! I only want my change to affect that particular frame I am working on, not all frames :(. I cannot put my finger on what I am not doing right about it. Apparently, I am following the steps.

So I was hoping you could help me with this and I'll be very glad if you do, because I am rather confused about that right now. Thank you guys.

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Hello! I also like Adobe

Hello! I also like Adobe Animate. But I have been working with her recently. There are some features that I do not understand. I have just started my work. Hope to find useful information here on the forum

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Hello AnimatorCin.
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I understand your frustration

I understand your frustration. Working with symbols in Adobe Animate (formerly Flash) can be tricky, especially when you're trying to make changes to individual frames without affecting the entire symbol. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you animate your character's head without altering all frames:

  1. Create Keyframes for Each Frame of Animation:
    • First, ensure you have your character's head parts (hair, eyes, mouth, etc.) each as individual symbols.
    • Create a new layer for each part (e.g., one layer for hair, one for eyes, etc.).
    • On each layer, add keyframes for each frame where you want the animation to occur. You can do this by right-clicking on the frame in the timeline and selecting "Insert Keyframe" or pressing F6.
  2. Editing Symbols Individually:
    • To change the hair size in just one frame, you need to make sure that you're not editing the symbol directly. Instead, you should use the "Break Apart" or "Duplicate Symbol" methods.
    • Right-click the hair symbol in the frame you want to change and select "Duplicate Symbol." This creates a new symbol instance that you can modify independently.
    • Rename the new symbol (e.g., "Hair_Frame1") to keep track of it.
  3. Breaking Apart the Symbol:
    • If you need to edit the symbol without creating a new one, you can break apart the instance in that specific keyframe. Right-click on the hair symbol and choose "Break Apart" (or press Ctrl+B). This converts the symbol instance into raw graphics or a group which can be edited without affecting the original symbol.
    • Make your necessary changes to this new graphic or group. This will only affect the specific keyframe where you broke apart the symbol.
  4. Creating Motion Tweens:
    • If you're animating the position, scale, rotation, etc., you can use motion tweens. Right-click between two keyframes on the timeline and select "Create Motion Tween."
    • Ensure the symbol instances in the keyframes are not the same; otherwise, changes to one will affect the other. Use the "Duplicate Symbol" method mentioned above to avoid this.
  5. Testing Your Animation:
    • After making changes, test your animation by pressing Enter to preview it in the timeline.
    • If everything looks good, export your animation to see it in action.

Here's a practical example:

  1. In Frame 1, you have the hair symbol.
  2. Right-click on the hair symbol in Frame 1 and choose "Duplicate Symbol," name it "Hair_Frame1."
  3. Edit "Hair_Frame1" to change the size.
  4. In Frame 2, add another keyframe for the hair layer.
  5. If you want a different size or shape for the hair, repeat the duplication and editing process.

By following these steps, you'll ensure that your changes to the hair (or any other part) only affect the specific frames you intend to modify, without altering the original symbol or other frames.