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Animation Student's Dream Wacom One - Donors Choose

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Animation Student's Dream Wacom One - Donors Choose


Help me give my students Wacom One tablets so that they can use industry tools in their learning environment and these tablets will also be used for an animations course.

My Students

It is my goal to reach the learning needs of all of my students. I have students from a variety of backgrounds and every one of them has a specific need that can be met in the classroom.

As a teacher, I want the best for my students and as a community, you should want the best students out of my school.

Donating to projects like mine will help ensure that students are prepared and focused on a future that will impact their life and yours.

My Project

The Wacom tablet will enhance learning in the classroom by speeding up the animation process and allowing enhanced artistic creativity. Students will not only learn the process and the software but will get to experience animation with the use of the tablet.

I want my students to be able to learn on the same equipment they will see in the workplace.

Giving students the right equipment today will help them prepare for their future. Plus it is just cool and the students will have a blast. Education should be fun!

It's a very interesting

It's a very interesting project! I'd like to have more details, and I think that students must be interested in participation 

I agree that it's really

I agree that it's really interesting! I like to learn animation and visit different courses, and to do all the college tasks I go to to have more free time for my hobby. I like that this service provides only professional help with my education tasks, for example. I hope that I'll get success in animation.

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