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looking for the right software.

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looking for the right software.

Hi, I'm new around here, how's it going?

So I'm going to invest in learning to animate, I've had this awesome vision for some time now and I can't ignore it anymore...

I was faffing aroung with Adobe Aftereffects due to my project involving video but quickly realized it's not built for frame to frame animation.

My idea is basically bringing the "scribble effect" to the next level and mix it with frame to frame animation.

I'm looking for people with knowledge of different programs, who can recomend me what to start learning.

features I'm looking for (more to less important):

draw on video

onion skins

similar to "anchor point pen" in photoshop (better for drawing on mouse)

different brushes and textures, colors layers etc.

(I just want to note that I'm not looking to use the video in any other way than I'd use the onion skin, so I dont need fancy video manipulating software)

thank you if you read until here, I apreciate any feedback



are you going to draw or do

are you going to draw or do you need an animator?!

Toonboom Harmony is perfect

Toonboom Harmony is perfect for you!

Some Good Ones

Some Good Ones


1) Adobe Animate CC - $20 per month

2) Toon Boom Harmony -  $109. (very expensive)


1) Krita. Krita is teh best free one. I use it too.