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Learning Animation/Illustration for Video Game Art Questions

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Learning Animation/Illustration for Video Game Art Questions

Ever since I knew games were made by people (and didn't just appear out of thin air), I've always wanted to make my own. I did make a few games when I was younger, but of course they weren't very good. Maybe good for a 10 year old, but no one played them or would want to.

Anyways, my last game was finished in 2008, when I was 10. Now I'm 18, and I have made nothing at all. I see the main reason being every time I tried to make a game, I'd get discouraged by how bad the art looked. I have attempted to make countless 2D games, and once I got to the art I just scrapped it. Now a few times I made some nice sprites, but I tried to animate them and it was just....terrible. 

Now I'm almost 19 and graduating high school, I have no idea what to do with anything. I still have that same dream, to make video games. Ideally indie games, but it doesn't have to be at first. The thing is, I might be okay at design, but if I can't make a game (which requires artwork and animation) then what am I good for? 

Now comes my questions:

1. I will not go to school for game design because I've heard it's redundant. I have looked at programs for game programming that seem more promising, but I am already decent at programming. I would rather go to school for art and animation for games over anything. Is this a good choice? Should I even go to college at all?

2. If I don't go to college at all, how long do you think it would take me to learn to animate high quailty 2D sprites? 5 years, 10 years? 20? 30?! I am talking quality such as this:

Thanks for reading.

Hi Fish,

Hi Fish,

Hopefully Ken or some of the other pros will see your post. The lenght of time it take to learn anything depends on how much effort you put into it. You should go to college, it is a place that can give you a more round skill set to draw up on as you go throught life.

Great GIF.

Educators are

Educators are enthusiastically taking up the opportunities that computer animation offers for depicting dynamic content. For example, PowerPoint now has an easy-to-use animation facility that, in the right hands, can produce very effective educational animations. Because animations can explicitly depict changes over time (temporal changes), they seem ideally suited to the teaching of processes and procedures. When used to present dynamic content, animations can mirror both the changes in position (translation), and the changes in form (transformation) that are fundamental to learning this type of subject matter.

You're a pretty good guy, I

You're a pretty good guy, I like those people with ambitions that wants to have their own success, not to work for others. First of all, I would say that you need to have more knowledge, it is good that you are going to school, because there you will learn a lot about how to create a quality product, how to present it and where you can sell it. Second, if you don't have any ideas, just steal them. There are a lot of games that are copied from another projects that have pretty good success. Personally, I am working for a game developing company and I have a pretty good salary. Also, I sell csgo skins just to make extra money.

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Hello everyone! Who's new

Hello everyone! Who's new here, just like me? Let's get acquainted! I love playing video games too! I want to learn how to create computer animation. Now many people make good money on this.

Hi! Firstly, I am worried

Hi! Firstly, I am worried that you've been disappointed in your powers lately. You started all of these things being very young, and you've done well for your age. Secondly, I think you must go to college as it will give you a licensed diploma, which will help you get an excellent job and evolve in your career. Sometimes you have to believe in yourself, and if it is truly your dream, you'll be able to do everything. I remember someone told me that the owner of also wanted to give up one day, but now look at his product! It was worth the struggle.

Going to college for art and

Going to college for art and animation for games may be a good choice if you want to improve your skills and make a career in the game industry. However, attending college is not the only option and it depends on your individual goals and learning style. If you are confident in your programming skills, you may want to consider investing your time and resources into improving your art and animation skills instead.

As for learning to animate high quality 2D sprites, the timeline varies greatly depending on your dedication and learning style. Some people may be able to learn on their own in just a few years while others may take longer. It's important to remember that learning and practicing is a lifelong process and quality takes time. Consider reaching out to other game developers, joining online communities, and taking courses to speed up your learning process.

Thank you for sharing!  

Thank you for sharing!


Finding a good animation

Finding a good animation school is not easy nowadays. Even before the pandemic, colleges did not offer such specialties. There are fewer and fewer offline courses that we are used to, but there are more opportunities to learn everything online. By the way, if you need help with your studies, I recommend to improve your grades and write all your written work perfectly!  Maybe it will help you to free up some time to study animation. Thank you for sharing!