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Finding the right animation team to work with somewhere on the planet

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Finding the right animation team to work with somewhere on the planet

Looking for some general advice.

Basically, we have a children's brand.

We created the characters and the logo and we have puppets and a screenplay.

What we lack is the right animation team to work with.

I was told the best prices in animation used to be in Thailand but now those are western prices and the better deals now come from China.

The characters that you see in the photos on the instagram link come from a parallel universe and they are part of a larger brand that is dedicated to the teachings of Neville Goddard and the power of the human imagination to heal mankind from some of its deceptions about human life.

There will be a number of animated shorts to go on youtube - that combine comedy and philosophy.

Finding the right animation team to bring these characters and their world to life is a focus of ours right now.

We are working on a number of products that go live before the cartoon and plan to funnel funds into the right animation collaborators when the time is right. But first, we must find the right people to work with.

If you feel you can do justice to these characters in animation format please get in touch to discuss further.

If you have some advice on where to go to find the best animators for our goals at the best price - such advice would be deeply appreciated. 

Thankyou, Nathan Curry - Founder of sutranovum - the character story is bodisutra

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Hi, a great idea and I like

Hi, a great idea and I like these heroes. I also have a business account but I don't post content with animation. That's why I can't help you with that. At least I can recommend you the service of autolikes and autocoments that helped me to grow my Instagram. It's a great opportunity to start your business successfully and get more followers. I got live 30K subscribers in two weeks, so this speed of developing is possible. Improve your ER and good luck with finding the animation team.