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$197 USD deal for a 30-second explainer video

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$197 USD deal for a 30-second explainer video

Hey guys, I found these offer and it looks like a really good deal.. there examples look great as well for the price, but wondering if anyone here has used them before? 

Here's their link:



 I've heard about them, they

 I've heard about them, they look legit I also have been looking at VideoMaker FX. I read a blog about it, but IDK. They just launched a little while ago. They could be an option for you and they're less expensive.  The link is to a blog  that has some other helpfull stuff. Hope this helps Allen!

Hi Allan,

Hi Allan,

How are you?

The main question here is what are you planning to use it for?

I don't really understand their statement of;

"To get a video made like this normally would typically cost $750+ but for this week only." 

If they are talking about a very cheap animators rate for a real personalized brand explanation video, yes. Which I can say this is nothing like it. I don't like businesses like these because they are deceiving and they're stating that they are cheaper than a valid professional animation studio by the likes of and can deliver something very labor intensive for a much smaller payrate, while they clearly mention they are working with a script. (notice that this is not comparable in any way what Giant Ant would charge, I am not aware of that, but it's certainly around 10k+ as what a good studio usually charges since they work with great animators who do this for a living)

"includes everything from script creation, to voiceover and animation" 

It looks like they are either exploiting some people "We hire the best voiceover artists" or they are just two developers wearing different hats. Plus their script is already done, they just have to move some words around. I'd also not expect too much in return for their One To One Project Management even though they say you're free to give any input. This pretty much means that they say their videos are never good from the start and you'll have to pay them to make changes to make them more personalized and your price is going above 197USD for sure
So if you want to use this as a business startup promotional video, I wouldn't recommend it, if it's just for an inhouse instructional video for employees or students, I guess it would be okay. 
However, if you're ever considering to use a service and you're not sure what to expect, keep this infographic in mind. In most of the scenarios, this is almost always true when you can't rely on your people skills or intuition.

Best of luck!