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Theater animation field size?

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Theater animation field size?

This is something that has always made me wonder: what is the size field for theater and its measurements? I've posed the question on search engines many times, but have come up with nothing. Also, how do I account for margins at that size? Thanks for any help you may have.

You wont to read up about

You wont to read up about aspect ration.

Um... okay, unless I'm

Um... okay, unless I'm missing something, that wasn't very helpful. Anyone with another answer? ^^; I don't mean to sound like an ungrateful jerk, but I didn't find that very enlightening.

Let's throw you a bone here..

Let's throw you a bone here...

What you are looking for is a 16 Fld Feature Animation Field Guide. They key word here is "feature", not "theater".

Chromacolour and Cartoon Colour both sell these, and they probably have the physical dimensions of them in the product information.


Ah! Thank you very much! ^^

Ah! Thank you very much! ^^