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Trying to track down this short animation

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Trying to track down this short animation


A few years ago I watched a thoroughly enjoyable animation which I believe was created in Europe, perhaps Germany or a Scandinavian country.  I am having a very difficult time tracking it down.

It was less than 5 minutes in length.

It opens like this:

A bustling grungy city scape as the camera zooms into a top-floor brick apartment building.  Inside is an attractive blonde woman putting on make-up as a TV is showing a catastrophe in the making.

This tall, muscular woman exists the building and walks along a busy sidewalk - passerbyers are talking but the language is not comprehensivlble - it's mostly a kind of rumbling, grumbling vocalizations.  There is a barber shop scene for some reason that I remember where the barber is talking incesseanlty but again, it's in this kind of incomprehensible gibberish.

The woman transforms into a super hero and fights battles.

There is a scene of a man on a beach who turns and sees a nuclear explosing off in the distance.

That's about all I can remember.

Does anyone have any idea what the name of this film is or can provide a link to it perhaps?

It may have been called something like "The Hot City" or "The [insert adjective here] City"

Thank you.

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What decade was this aired?

What decade was this aired?

Oh thank you!

Oh thank you!

I viewed it only a few years ago say within the last 5 years.  It also had a very interesting soundtrack but the opening sequence had a sort of scratchy repetitive sound of an old projector style sound system, over and over again.  I'm guessing it was produced in the last 10 years or so.

It was in color, and the texture and tone of the film (theme-wise) was dark. 

But it was amazing and I can't find it again.

I believe it was done by an artist in Europe because I tried to track down some of his other films but there weren't many and I remember thinking oh that's why it's so good, it's from Europe! I've attached an image of the style of animation, although this wasn't it, it had that kind of feel and texture to it.

Also, how does one get

Also, how does one get automatic notifications of responses to posts?

Suggestions on other forums where I can post this question much appreciated.


Thank you.