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Animation graduate film (3min) - In Absentia

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Animation graduate film (3min) - In Absentia

Hi there,

This is my graduate film made at Kingston University's Illustration/Animation course. It is a sci-fi tinged parable about a man who wakes up in a desolate world and finds a part of himself missing. 

It was animated in TVPaint

Please enjoy and let me know what you think!


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I like it, it is nice to see

I like it, it is nice to see something that is outside the usual.

The style and color are great

The style and color are great. Very appealing visually. The sequence moves very fluidly from one part to the next. Would love to know more about what the short is about. 

An interesting thesis project

An interesting thesis project for a graduate in illustration/animation at the University of Kingston. When I was in college and studied design, I tried to attend more courses on animation. It was not possible to allocate time until I found the site, more information  that I used to get instant help in the assignment of HND. Competently planning time to study with this site, I was able to devote more time to animation, which at the time was my crazy hobby.