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On Pitching in Europe

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On Pitching in Europe

I've recently discovered this great website and went through some of the threads in this forum. Currently, I'm entertaining the idea of developing ideas for animated shows myself and pitching them to networks. I've already come across several websites and other sources (books, videos etc.) on the topic which answer most of my questions, except for one. This question would be:

How / Where do I pitch in Europe?

I know this might sound stupid, but hear me out. Pretty much all the articles I've read so far are about doing things in the US. I now know how to do all these things... in the US. That's great and all, but unfortunately, I don't live in the US and I also don't have the money to go there. I know that there are many European animated shows (e.g. from France), but how does the process work in Europe? Can I just do the same things there as well? How do animated shows originating in Europe get picked up?

Some of you might answer the question by bringing up events/festivals some of which take place in Europe. But are those the only place, the only possibility to pitch one's ideas? I believe there has to be another way. Things don't work in Europe like they do in the USA, so I do wonder how creators from Europe approach these things; moreover, the pitching process.

To make it even more precise: big, international networks like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Disney XD etc., you name it, have branches worldwide. Let's say I, who lives in Europe, wants to pitch an idea to one of those networks. Let's go with Nickelodeon in this case. How would I go about this? Because it's just one of the many branches of Nickelodeon whose mainsite is in the US. If I was living in an European country like, say France, can I do the same thing I normally could in the US? Can I approach the responsible people and then later pitch my idea at Nickelodeon France's site? Or does this work differently? And what if I'm aiming for an international animated show?

I appreciate all answers regarding this topic and would welcome advice / suggestions by those who live in Europe and already have experience in this or at least have some knowledge about this.

With kind regards,


(P.S. This seemed to be an appropriate thread for this forum as well as The Animation Cafe. I will remove one of my two threads if questioned.)

i placed my thread here too,

i placed my thread here too, doesn't matter.

no idea how to help you, but i think you should try contacting the networks, they can offer better info.

also my question is how to pitch in the USA, i'm not sure where you got that info from, would you please direct me to it.