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College wants 15% of any possible profits that its' animation students might earn from their cartoons! PLEASE ADVISE!!

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College wants 15% of any possible profits that its' animation students might earn from their cartoons! PLEASE ADVISE!!

Miami-Dade College's animation department (known as MAGIC) wants to do what no other animation school in the US, Canada and western Europe has ever done. Any student who wishes to enter the internship/mentorship program known as the "pitch program" must first sign a contract. The contract allows the school to collect 15% of the GROSS profit (in PERPETUITY!) should a students idea be produced. 


The school claims that this is to cover "additional resources" and extra curricular activities used to make animated shorts. Huh?! This is an animation program and the students have paid for their tuition, lab fees and materials. No other department has such a requirement for its students. Also, they have never revealed what the "additional resources" are. They have made it very clear that this is somehow a "college" matter, and that the students shouldn't "embarrass" the school. They appear to be doing nothing about this and other concerns the students are facing.


I might add that the students will work on an animated short even if they do not enter the mentorship program. So, why would they then have to fork over 15% in perpetuity if they do? CalArts, SVA, Ringling and so on have all said that they've never asked these things of their students because it's unethical. In fact, they do a kick-ass job of setting up internships, mentorships, work studies and job placements. 


I mentor a couple of the students, and that's how I learned about this. These kids are getting screwed. I've reached out to everyone that I can think of to help make noise about this, but nobody really seems interested. Everything that I have stated is easily verified. I can even send you a copy of the insane contract that they had the students sign. Please, any help or advice anyone has would greatly be appreciated. What they are doing is a disservice to the industry.

Please, somebody, I've got stop this.

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Get a lawyer and hope there

Get a lawyer and hope there is a loop hole.

don't sign up. 

don't sign up. 

don't sign up. 

don't sign up. 

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