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Model making student needing a client

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Model making student needing a client

Hi everyone! 

My name's George and Ive just finished my second year studying model making and the arts University in Bournemouth (UK). The first project next year (my 3 and last) is and external breif which means I need to go out and find client and make a model of their design to their specifications.

I would like to make something for a stop motion animation, specifically I would like to make a fully animateable vehical, a car or a ship but it could be somthing static like a factory machine that works.  <- this is my flickr page where you can see my work and if anyone is interested in being my client feel free to contact me on here or on unfortunatly I wont start making till october but it will be finished by new year.

There are a few caviats that go with the projects unfortunatly, becasue materials are expensive I will need a contribution to the material costs and I will need it back around june for my graduate show.

i hope you can help me!

George Finnamore

You have a bad link.

You have a bad link.