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Do I have what it takes for a school such as Gobelins or The Animation Workshop

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Do I have what it takes for a school such as Gobelins or The Animation Workshop

Hi everyone. I am currently a freshman enrolled in a state school with a very small animation program, but I am interested in transferring to an animation school. I want to work at animation studios and do 2d animation and hopefully eventually become a storyboard artist or director, and I am trying to figure out what's the best way for me to break into the industry.

I am looking for advice on finding a place to study animation that is not ridiculously expensive but has a pretty good curriculum and a community of people who are interested in animation as well. It seems that a lot of getting into the animation business has to do with connections and I'm hoping to get into a college where I can start to make some of these connections.

I've been accepted to Lesley University, which has an animation program... but I am not competely sure of if the school is really big enough or close enough to the industry for me to make connections that I'll need to start up my career. For this reason, I am trying to consider all of my options before transferring. 

 I've found online that places such as Gobelins and The Animation Workshop in Denmark exist, which are cheap enough for me to attend.. but I am unsure about whether I could get in with my current portfolio.

Here is my current animation reel:

Here's a short I am working on currently:

Do you all think I have what it takes to get into one of those schools? Is there a place where I can show my works in progress and recieve criticism? Any other advice? 

Thanks all.

If you want to find out about

If you want to find out about Lesley University, don't bother with any of their press---instead see about contacting their alumni.  The grads who've gone off to work in the industry are the people that can tell you if the programme met their training needs.

But looking over the Lesley school site.......they have 10 alumni featured, from 2003-2011.  They have nothing in the past 4 years.
Personally, I don't like that because it seems to indicate that the numbers of grads gaining work coming out of their programme is very low., and it doesn't seem to have a very large intake.
Their faculty for the programme seems small, and since only 3 profiles out of 6 can be read, it's hard to gauge their backgrounds and expertise.
I mean every school makes claims that their grads get hired on at various "name" studios...........but how long are thety lasting there, how far are they moving up the ladder at those places?  How many grads have gotten into the biz, versus how many who never bothered and went onto something else?
There's a LOT of schools offering much the same thing, and a lot of them are churning out grads with about the same skill levels.
A quick look over the student work shows no real stand-outs to me.

There's a lot of unknown variables here, but honestly..........all except for the most reputable top-drawer schools would have the same.

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Hi Ken...

Hi Ken...

Thanks for the help with this. Yeah, I wasn't sure exactly sure about the program at Lesley. One of the professors who seems pretty legit (worked for Family Guy, Lilo & Stitch, etc) but I fear that he might be the only real legit thing about the program. That is a good idea about contacting alumni to find out about the program. I will see if I can try that out in the future.

Would you happen to know  whether if the MassArt Animation program is anything worth bothering with?


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Yes. You have what it takes

Yes. You have what it takes to get into one of those schools.

They seemed to have the most

They seemed to have the most amazing draghtsman and illustrators in their program. ... I wish there was more discussion here about Gobelins Animation School. .... is such a great school, and if I can do exchange I will do my best for. ... the workshop animation, but i'm mostly aware for french schools.

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I recommend that you take an

I recommend that you take an animation course online to see if it's really yours. Also try to be creative and practice a lot!

Moving to another country can

Moving to another country can be a cultural challenge. Please take this into account when making your decision.

Your portfolio will play a

Your portfolio will play a key role in getting you accepted into an animation school. Develop and enhance your portfolio to showcase your talent, style and potential. Make it as strong as possible to increase your chances of admission. You can find a writing service, I use for this. This will make your task easier. Consider finances. Schools in different countries may have different tuition fees and financial aid requirements. Make sure you can afford your chosen place of study.

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